Luxury companion / Lunch-Dinner dates / Travel companion / Night on the town

My minimum date length is 2 hours.
The rates listed for each engagement are non-negotiable.

Proper etiquette is essential to having an incredible time together

Payment is by cash.
Per standard code of conduct, my consideration is to be given at the beginning of our date.
Upscale gentlemen don't need to be reminded about fees.

Good hygiene
Personal hygiene should be a common sense for everyone who wishes to spend quality time with a lady.

Therefore, please be freshly showered, be well groomed, smell nice and have a minty-fresh breath ;)

2 Hours


3 Hours


Lunch/Dinner 4 Hours


Dinner/Dance 6 Hours


Overnight 10-12 Hours


Overnight 16-18 Hours


24 Hours


2 Days